Dirty plates and trays, burnt pots and pans that are difficult to clean. Relax and let the dishwasher do the work: PROGRESS dishwashers are extremely powerful. Their innovative technology also makes them easy to use, while giving you literally brilliant results.

Dishwashers – for all-round shine

Sparkling clean glasses, gentle cleaning – with PROGRESS dishwashers

Large interiors in standard dimensions, fast and intensive programmes, start time preselection, increased drying capacity, and the XtraDry function are just some of the many benefits you get with PROGRESS dishwashers.

Benefits at a glance:

Capacity: Thanks to the XXL interior and flexible baskets, there’s sufficient space for everything – from casseroles and pots to large plates. Some models can wash up to 15 standard place settings.

Clean: PROGRESS dishwashers have a satellite spray arm. The water thus reaches virtually everywhere.

Powerful: PROGRESS dishwashers have powerful programme options that make your dishes even shinier.

Energy efficient: Thanks to innovative technologies and processes, PROGRESS dishwashers consume very little energy and water.