State-of-the-art digital technology and intelligent heat control – with PROGRESS induction hobs you can have it all. They stand out in particular thanks to their extremely fast and effective heating process.

PROGRESS induction hobs - fast, safe, efficient

PROGRESS induction hobs with pot detection automatically registers the pot size and adjusts the heating zone to the diameter of the pot base. Effective energy savings are the result.

Benefits at a glance:

Fast: The innovative induction technology lets you heat food even faster than with gas hobs. You can bring one litre of water to the boil in the record-breaking time of only 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Precision: The temperature can be controlled very, very precisely. In other words: precision cooking without performance delays.

Energy efficient: The energy field is deactivated as soon as a pot or pan is removed, and no more power is consumed. No preheating phase or residual heat at the end.

Clean: The cooking surface around the pot remains cool, so no burning.

Safe: Heating only starts once a pot is detected. A built-in temperature sensor prevents overheating and switches the hob off.